Get your tires changed with no hassles!

Your Choice - Price, Location and Schedule
Get your tires changed with no hassles!



We bring customers and mobile tire providers together and facilitate a hassle free experience.

Prices quoted by Providers are all inclusive . We believe in making it simpler for you.

The tire installation service includes tire replacement, balancing, and used tire disposal. Your Provider will inspect the tread wear of your used tires and make a recommendation on an alignment service if needed.

No. The providers are expected to bid and provide for new tires only.

Your service time may vary depending on the type of vehicle and tires. We ask that you allow for up to approx 2 hours upon our arrival. You will receive updates throughout the process and will be made aware of any unforeseen circumstances so that we can make the service as hassle-free as possible

We come to you. You choose your location. The ideal location for tire service is at your home or office. We need 6 feet of space surrounding the vehicle and cannot perform service on a steep incline due to safety concerns. Upon arrival to the service location, the provider will evaluate the safest position for your vehicle and, with your permission, may move your vehicle if needed. If you have restricted access to your location such as a security gate, we will need instructions to reach you. In the event that service cannot be performed at your chosen location, we will reschedule the appointment with no charge.

The provider only needs access to your vehicle and your keys. If you are not present, we will only pick up and return keys based upon your instructions. All information regarding your service will be sent electronically and can be accessed online. In the event of an issue, the provider may need to reach you by phone to proceed with your service.

Tire2you only recommends providers with proper equipment and training in our process to ensure you receive the highest quality service possible.

It is not necessary to have an alignment every time you install new tires. The need for an alignment is primarily based upon two factors. If your car pulls or drifts when traveling on a straight road, it is probably time for an alignment. Also, if your tires are wearing improperly, it is also recommended to have an alignment and/or vehicle suspension inspection. During the tire installation service, if the provider notices irregular wear on your previous tires, you will be notified and advised.

You can change your appointment by simply logging into your account and submitting a request to change your appointment . If the provider can not accommodate your change request, your order will be offered to other providers in your area to fit your schedule. The alternate provider may rebid on pricing and will require your confirmation.

Deals fall through, delays happen, and sometimes you just change your mind. We got you covered. You can cancel your appointment by logging into your account and submitting a cancellation request. You will receive a full refund if you cancel 24 hours before your appointment. In case you cancel within 24 hours you will receive 80% of the price you accepted.

The providers bid for your business and provide you with pricing based on your requested tire size, brand and availability. Once you accept pricing form one of the providers, the price is locked in unless there is a change with your order and the appointment.

All of your used tires will be taken by your provider. The provider will take necessary steps to dispose of the tires as per applicable regulations and requirements.

You can save your locations and tires after signing in to your account.

All tires are installed with applicable manufacturer warranty. The service has a 30 days warranty.